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RNC Integral Concrete Technology (M) Sdn Bhd

RNC INTEGRAL CONCRETE TECHNOLOGY (M) SDN BHD (RNCICT) (Co. Reg. No.: 436178-D) was established on 23 June 1997 with authorized and paid-up capitals of RM1,000,000.00 each as a subsidiary company of RNC HOLDINGS SDN BHD. The company was formed to compliment the already comprehensive repair, maintenance and rehabilitation capabilities of the RNC Group. At the establishment, the company attached to the group a business core experienced in the application of world renowned XYPEX concrete repair and remediation technology, as well being the exclusive Malaysian Distributor and authorized applicator for XYPEX. RNCICT is also the exclusive distributor and authorized applicator in Malaysia for Triton Tritoflex and GCPAT Integritank and Decseal.

Having successfully secured with various agencies, it was then necessary to establish a dedicated company, which could be structured to take care of the very stringent QA/QC requirements for the use of the product.

In cooperation with the world-renowned manufacturer such as XYPEX, GCPAT (Stirling Lloyd) and Triton as well as other established multi-national corporations such as Sika, Fosroc and Mapei, RNCICT has established a core team of skilled management and workers. Within a ‘training and technology transfer partnership agreement, a technical expert on secondment by the manufacturer is now stationed full time with RNCICT in Malaysia, facilitation the development of QA/QC systems as well as providing full time training and supervision.

RNCICT is principally involved in technical consultation in the area of waterproofing, installation of waterproofing materials to buildings, waterproofing to roofs, basements and walls, lining of waster pits, water reservoirs, canals and sealing of underground tunnels, etc. and marketing of a wide range of products for the building and construction industries. RNCICT was involved in lining of membrane for tunnels and various areas at the LRT/LRT2/MRT2 projects in Malaysia and MRT project in Singapore. The company is in a position to supply materials according to the design, and provide appropriate services including installation of waterproofing material at the site.

Our reputation as a waterproofing concern in Malaysia is well known to international manufacturers and contractors with whom we have forged strong links over the years in matching customer needs. RNCICT has the ability to associate with and represent forward-looking principals from all parts of the world.

In line with the current market trends, RNCICT works very closely with leading architects, engineers, developers, contractors and consultants, right up to the last minute details. The combination of a wide range of quality products to select from and the detailed attention to services has enabled RNCICT to be the market leader in the industry. Developers who insist on quality and superior finishes come to RNCICT for our guarantee of reliability. We are also an Industry Confederation Partner of the Malaysia Green Building Confederation.

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